Friday, December 21, 2012

Blacklist Studios Joins Comixology!

Many of you know that Blacklist Studios was one of the early adopters of digital comics, working with Robot Comics & producing an award winning App for Android & iPhone. You may also know that our contract with Robot Comics ended, and we have been considering a number of options to return Blacklist Studios' comics to the digital arena.

As of 9 AM EST on Friday, December 21, Robot 13 #1 Director's Cut went LIVE on the Comixology App! While you may have read Robot 13 before, the Comixology version will be the first time the full Director's Cut will be in digital form, restoring a monster battle that wasn't completed in time for the original issue's release!

Our new partnership with Comixology will mean that our entire back catalogue as well as new releases will be available on Comixology. KING!, which has never been available digitally before, will become available through Comixology for the first time, and we will be looking to add new content in 2013 to those of you who love digital comics.

To download the Robot 13 #1 Director's Cut from Comixology, you can go here or simply open your Comixology App and look for Robot 13!

We are very excited to end 2012 with this exciting news & want to let you know that this is the first of many big annoucements for Blacklist Studios in 2013!


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