Thursday, March 23, 2006

Get them while they are HOT...

Just before last year’s San Diego Con, Dan and I had a preview comic printed to try and create interest in Enlightenment. It was standard US comic sized, 32 page B&W book done in a cool inkwash style with a full color cover. We ordered 250 copies from the printer but got less than 200, and put out a very small signed & numbered edition from the best quality copies of the lot. The majority of the remaining copies were grabbed by a website run by some friends of ours called Megazeen Online. Yesterday, I spoke to Joey, who runs that site, and he still has a limited quantity of them on sale at his site. If anyone is interested, check out here and pick one up. The book which will be available from Markosia will contain all new art, but the basic events in the preview will be re-told in glorious color!

We may take the few copies I still have and use them for giveaways- we'll keep you all posted on that...


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