Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Smoke & Mirror... the Action Figure?

If you watch the movie Spaceballs (and I would suggest you do) you will remember how as the movie went on, everything and anything was licenced even if it was pointless. Spaceballs- the bedsheets! Spaceballs- the toilet paper! Spaceballs- the flame thrower!

Until we get someone to make an Enlightenment "grow your own frog" kit or something like that, I'd suggest that any of you who like Smoke & Mirror go out and get the new action figures. Why should I care? Well, aside from being an already cool book, the art for Somke & Mirror is being done by none other than Daniel Bradford. And guess who's character designs they are using to make the figures? Hmm... Can a Green action figure be far behind? We'll see...

Check out the news here and get in on the fun!


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