Monday, May 01, 2006

(Un)Dead like me...

One of the fun parts about being involved with Comics, is that I have wound up with a bunch of Comic-Creator friends; It makes typical “shop talk” conversations that much more fun when you are chatting amongst yourselves about superpowers and far-out plotlines and such…

Another “perk” of having friends in the industry are cameo appearances. In our book, Enlightenment: the devil you know, we used one of our friends Chuck Satterlee as the “model” for a serial killer victim. He’s returning the favor in an upcoming issue of his book Of Bitter Souls by making Dan and I part of a Zombie horde. (See picture- Dan is wearing the hat, I’m next to him in the glasses) and hey- we can tell everyone we've been drawn by Norm Breyfogle!

Check out the Markosia website to see more of OBS- it’s a great book and is worth buying if for nothing else than to see if they have me eating brains….


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