Wednesday, August 16, 2006

File Under: Bad Taste?

Alot of people in the world of Comics do promotional materials- Preview comics, posters, cards... I've even seen animated DVD's promoting standard, static, monthly comics.

Dan and I like all that stuff- and we may do some of it from time to time ourselves- but if you come see us at an early appearance, you'll be able to score a crazy cool collectable.

While supplies last, we'll be offering the Enlightenment: the devil you know official jumping frog toy! Now you can recreate the horrifying acts of demonic possession found in our book, or just have a ball with our rubber legged faux amphibian- you make the call!

All frogs will come in special Enlightenment packaging. Stay tuned to learn how to get one of these extremely limited monstrosities at a Convention near you...


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