Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Images of Tomorrow...

I think a good cover needs to be more than just a booty kicking image; There are alot of hot pieces of art floating about on the fronts of various books that do nothing for me because they don't communicate anything about what you are getting inside. Dan's final cover for Enlightenment: the devil you know isn't like that. I think is speaks volumes about what the book has to offer, and gives you a strong sense of the mood and tone of the story we have crafted. Sure, it's a strong piece. To me, though, it's more than just a pretty picture... it gives you a feel for our main character. Nadia Green isn't your adverage "horror story" chick. She isn't running around in the woods half naked with the star of the football team or screaming and helpless at the sign of some guy with a kitchen knife. She's strong, she doesn't take crap and she'll pop a cap in someone if need be to make it to the end of the day... I have loved writing about her, and I am glad I have her for many stories to come. Hopefully, you'll feel as excited as I do when you hold the final product in your hand in February.

Let me know what you think of the cover- we're pretty happy with the way it's come out.


Blogger minstrelfoot said...

Very nice. The word that comes immediately to mind is stark. I enjoy the mood created by this art.

I've also viewed the preview pages. The art and direction keep me on my toes. What's more jarring than a bloody bathtub and half a body? A rubber devil toy floating in the blood. And how about that stubby detective holding up the severed arm? Incredible. You've pushed the line and while steering away from visual overkill.

Tastefully well done.

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