Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh, the covers you'll do!

The longer I am involved in comics, the more I am amazed as to what is deemed "critical" and what is deemed less-so. Take, for example, the comic book cover; With all the interest and attention people pay to it, you would think the right cover could cure cancer, cast out demons or turn horse dung into gold nuggets... And with some mainstream books I've seen lately slapping on alternate covers on book after book, they might be praying hard for the latter.

Dan and I have been hard at work on Enlightenment for years now, and in that time, many a cover idea has been bandied about. From the original B&W preview on to today, I know of close to a dozen radically different cover designs which have been worked through. We were told today, however, that the final final final final cover had to be in place. So what happened? 2 different colored versions were produced and we picked the one that grabbed us the most. Above is a detail of the inked cover- once I'm sure that everyone gives it the blessing it so richly deserves, I'll post the fruit of our labors here for all to see....


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