Thursday, September 07, 2006

Before and After

I wanted to show you how some things have changed over time with Enlightenment: the devil you know, so I thought I would post a couple of examples of parts of the same sequence. Here is a detail from Chapter 2. Aside from the fact that, at the time we printed the comic sized preview, the scene was going to be Chapter 1, you can see how the scene was planned to be reproduced in B&W and used inkwash and digital effects. You may also note that there was more of a cartooish look to the figures...

The new scene, however, is alot more crisp and moody. The same 2 characters appear, but the blacks are better defined, the mood is stronger and when it is colored, it's going to have alot of impact in a way the original art did not...

The writing changed a bit too. Maybe I'll give you some clues to the how's and why's of that soon. If you are lucky.


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