Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Devil in the Details...

There came a point in all the research for Enlightenment: the devil you know that I felt as if a light switch was thrown and everything in the dark room of our story became visible to me at once. It was our original intention to create a cast of characters and put them in a series of strange and horrifying supernatural situations, like some "Mature Readers" version of Scooby Doo except in our book, "old man Jenkins" was going to be a 3000 year old demon with a taste for Human flesh. Then it happened; I found that all the details that we had been building into our plot pointed to something quite interesting. Something that was so odd, so specifically different from any supernatural story I had heard, that I actually took almost a month off to research as to if anyone had put this idea into a story before. When I saw that, as far as I could gather, no one had, I put the last few pieces together and sent my idea off to Daniel.

It was this concept that caused us to create the driving force behind our Graphic Novel series: The Brotherhood of Jonah.

In the world of Enlightenment, it is The Brotherhood which keeps society from being fully controled by the demonic. They are the Spiritual equivalent of the CIA- operating by their own rules, fighting a "Black Ops" battle against the Devil right under the noses of society at large and using every form of intelligence they have to discover the ultimate plan of the forces of Evil. As the devil you know opens, The End of All Things is almost upon us, because the Devil's puzzle is missing just one piece...

What that piece is, I cannot tell you now. But I can say this- everything you'll need to figure it out will be right there in plain sight...

Happy Hunting!


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