Saturday, September 16, 2006

"I buy the DVD to see deleted scenes..."

Between the time we sent our "1st chapter preview" to the printers and the point when we realized that we'd be overhauling the whole script for Enlightenment, Dan finished next scene & sent it to me. It took place in a hospital, and was designed to show how serious and life threatening Green's encounter with the Spiritual world had been. I really liked it, because it introduced Aaron to the reader as well as gave a little insight into his relationship with Nadia.

Once everything fell through with Speakeasy, however, Dan and I decided to take a hard look at the whole project. For a brief moment, Dan actually decided to quit doing the book because the script I had provided him was so large and unwieldly and would take him so long to finish that he became discouraged.

In order to salvage the project, I convinced Dan that we should continue working on the book but with a couple of key revisions, in the hopes of pitiching it to another publisher once we had something substantial to show them. These revisions would require 2 major changes: The book would be in color (so all the artwork done to that point would be scrapped) and the script would be re-worked with new scenes and a radically different plotline so that we could tell the story as a 6 issue mini series. One of the first casualties of these changes was cutting the scene; I had to pick up the pace and Green's hospital stay the the scenes that would have followed just weren't in the cards.

The first few people who ordered a copy from our website got lazerprinted copies of the scene. Other than that, nobody has seen this artwork... until now.

Pg1 Pg2 Pg3 Pg4 Pg5 Pg6 Pg7

And as a side note- we never did use Comixpress to print our book. When we knew we were going to San Diego to meet with Speakeasy, we felt we needed our book but Comicxpress had a problem and couldn't get them to us on time. We had to go with another printer, and found out that the old addage "Haste makes Waste" was true.... That guy is hiding in some spider hole with Ben Laden because half the world wants to sue him, so I won't give him 15 minutes more fame by shouting him out here.


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