Saturday, September 23, 2006

More about frogs...

Since my last blog entry, I got alot of e-mails saying I was mis-representing the noble frog. If you want to dig a little deeper into the symbolism of frogs, there are some great sites that I looked at in doing my research for Enlightenment that I'd like to pass along. has a great frog site that is a catch all for frog history and images. has a nice overview of Heket, and if you surf the site, cool info abounds about all things Ancient Egyptian.
has actual Heket amulets from antiquity that you can purchase, or you can get cheap knockoff statues here (which aren't really so cheap). has a nice overview of the plagues of Egypt including the frogs.

Minnesota has alot of information about the strange frog deformities of that state(interesting yet creepy).

Foodnetwork tells you how to cook frogs legs.

The BBC ran this story about a phenomina that became part of our opening scene... )And I KNOW a tad is NOT a frog, but it's a comic book for crying out loud!)

And finally- for those of you who need a laugh, i saw this on


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