Sunday, September 10, 2006

Three Stories

Once Daniel and I had made contact, we decided that it would be great to work together; Both of us were looking for a partner to do the kinds of comics we wanted to see made but didn’t really see in the market. Dan was like me, in that while we enjoyed the comics medium, we weren’t big into most superhero books out there. I gave Dan a few very general ideas that I had for comics- most were flexible enough to be incorporated with other story ideas, and honestly, most were mediocre at best. There was one idea that I had which became a part of Enlightenment, but we’ll get into that later…

Dan, on the other hand, had a few ideas which he had worked out to varying degrees. Three ideas, to be exact.

The first idea was the most fleshed out; It wasn’t a bad idea- on the contrary, I kind of liked it. But what got to me was, I didn’t have a clue how to do something with it at the time.

The second idea was somewhat detailed… I really liked it, and in fact, I may bring that idea with some modifications back to Dan at some time in the future because I think we could make it work well.

The third idea was the most sketchy and the most intriguing. Here’s a portion of the e-mail:


Stories surrounding a detective, Aaron Darby,
given the ability to literally see the
spiritual world. A limited series of
short novels that get into supernatural horror.
Stories I have in mind are concerned with
unexplainable events and legends, such as
possession, hauntings, occults and black magic.
More along the lines of
“mature reading”, something that allows those
Christian mature readers
(yes, I believe there is such a thing) to get into
fine art comics that
do not contain fowl language, sex,
or any female degrading whatsoever,
but are not along the lines of superhero books.
Think Vertigo comics…”

Although there is a lot more to the story now than there was in that e-mail, the basic core idea is still there…

Oh- and the picture for today is a pin-up originally done for the B&W preview book but didn’t make the cut…


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