Friday, October 20, 2006

Don't fear the reaper...

I have been thinking alot about death lately; Not that I'm contemplating my own mortality or the loss of a love one... I've been thinking about the absolute importance of death in a Horror story.

Fear is what every author or director or artist of a Horror tale is looking to induce within their audience. But one asks the next question- Fear of what?

The answer HAS to be... the fear of death.

It's the basis of why we jump during a movie, break out into a cold sweat around a campfire or can't sleep after a particularly scary tale. Me identify with a character, and realize that we TOO will one day die.... So if there is no real chance a character will die in a Horror story, it loses it's impact.

How that's going to shake down into Enlightenment, I can't say just yet. Oh, I COULD tell you... but I'd have to kill you...

(Today's picture is by Daniel- he's cool like that)


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