Monday, October 09, 2006

"I will choose Freewill..."

In every culture, in every society and era of time, it seems that there are some ideas which become a running Human theme in the literature and stories we tell. One of those themes is the idea a free will vs. destiny.

How free AM I to act?

If I have a Destiny, does that absolve me of my actions?

Who's running things anyway?

If God can plan events, can the devil do the same?
It's a complex issue. It is, however, an issue that can only have one answer... a potentially complex answer, but only one answer all the same.

Find that answer, and the key to all of reality is at your fingertips.

Why bring this up? This issue- the issue of Freedom- is one of the core issues of Enlightenment. Does anyone "make us do it?" I won't spill all the goodies now, but it opens up a big ol' can of worms, doesn't it?


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