Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mischef Night

Yesterday, Dan and I had a nice, long talk about where we are at working on Enlightenment; Dan is putting the finishing touches on another chapter of the devil you know and I am hard at work on the script for the next graphic novel. We chatted, kicked around some new ideas and generally worked out everything we needed to for the night. It's good to work with someone you have a good friendship with, and who pushes you to do your best work.

Our conversation showed me once again why we work together so well. Both of us are always restless in our Art. Even now, when both of us should be focused on plowing through and turning our book in, we are still both looking for ways to make the book better. And it's not just a matter of addition, either; Sometimes, the best idea is to go minimal and cut back a bit...

Working with Dan is like being a kid on Mischef Night and roaming around with your best friend; Both of you are looking to see who can go the farthest without blowing it, and every new dare is countered with another...

Something this fun should always be a little wrong, you know? Otherwise... why bother?


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