Saturday, October 07, 2006

On with the Show

One of the hardest parts about writing stories with existing characters is knowing where to go next. If you make stories too much like the ones which came before, you have the potential of boring people. If you move into waters that are too unfamiliar, you run the risk of killing what made your earlier stories good... assuming that they WERE good.

I'm in a weird position right now with Enlightenment; in order to keep things flowing, I have to get a jump on the script for the next installment even though our first book is still in progress and won't be out until February. I know what Dan and I like about the book, and I know where we intended to take the stories all along... but I don't know how any of it will be recieved.

On the other hand, not having that feedback means we won't be influenced to turn in a Matrix : Reloaded when we could actually stick to our guns and put out something that doesn't suck.

At least, that's my hope.


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