Tuesday, November 14, 2006

King for a Day!

The cat is officially out of the bag!

That is, if by "cat", you are referring to a big, hairy guy in a white jumpsuit and by "bag" you mean something that isn't a container of any kind...

In any case, Daniel and I are making it known that we are kicking out the jams with a new mini series called KING!- the very same series that I've been hinting about for days now. We wanted to go all "Franklin Mint" on you all, and hit you with a gold plated collectors figurine set for 97 easy installments of $99.99 to commemorate this happy event, but we knew that even with throwing in an attractive (yet functional) display case and a set of space aged cutlery wouldn't buy us any cred with you. So... we decided to do the next best thing, and offer you a way cool, limited edition Lithograph featuring King and a hord of zombies. It's only $8 (really, it's $5 but the extra $3 goes to postage and some extra packaging to keep those Lithos April fresh!) and you can get one from our site here! Get them before the book blows up or we run out, which ever comes first...


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