Sunday, November 05, 2006

Who died and made you King?

Been working hard on new the new mini series scripts- it's coming together quickly, which is somewhat scary in it's own way. I'm used to doing alot of research and reading and crafting work on scripts- the devil you know, for example, took 2 years to write... So, doing 4 issues of script in a couple weeks is weird. Part of it is the subject matter, because zombies, dragons and alien invaders are just plain fun to write about and that's made it flow easy.

What I struggle with, though, is I have this internal need to have a hidden agenda when I write something; I always like to pull a "...I am not lefthanded," moment on the reader, and I always have.

I think I have a good one for this new book. We'll soon see if I'm right.


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