Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Out of the Darkness

This week, I'm taking a very extended Vacation weekend to work on a few creative projects- Chief of which will be the next installment of Enlightenment. I already have the title for this one, and I have worked out the plot and I have most of it researched. I can't spill everything now- the 1st book isn't even on the shelves yet- but I can say one thing: Where the devil you know is about the moment of realization of a larger world, this new book will be about second chances.

Is there a point with God where we go too far?

Does He bail on us at some point?

Will there be a point where I can't turn back and choose what is right?

Or... is there a security in Hope?

Aside from the big philosophical questions, however, this new installment goes alot further than the previous book in alot of ways.

I could chat more, but I got writing to do...


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