Monday, January 15, 2007

The Evolution of Cool

When Daniel and I started working on Enlightenment, it quickly became a complex and meticulously researched story, with almost every detail added with some purpose by design. Everything means something, even if that meaning is minor or obscure... It's both fun and exhausting to write at the same time, and working on the second installment has been more like composing a Doctoral Thesis than putting together a comic book.

KING!, on the other hand, is a pure, almost mindless joy to write. Athough I can't ever get away from the odd bit of extemporania finding it's way into the script, I am finding that this is both the most free writing I've done so far in comics as well as the most collaborative I've been with the script. In the past, I've taken my role as "The Writer" a bit too seriously in a way, and I have weighed any proposals for changes heavily against the greater goals of the piece. In this case, I'm all for anything that works regardless of how that idea came to be.

It's a good place to create from- it doesn't suit every project or work with every dynamic between artist and writer, but for KING!, it's been gold.


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