Saturday, January 13, 2007

"...though a whole new door"

It's been an eventful weekend so far; I found out that I'm absolutely going to the Phoenix ComiCon January 27th & 28th, that (barring anything unforseen) We will have copies of KING! to offer to the fanboy masses, and that something verrrrrrry cool may be brewing with Enlightenment.

I can elaborate on the first 2 events- Daniel and I will be at table A7 in heart of the small press section of the con. Aside from a small handful of Enlightenment Previews that we still have on hand, We will have some extremely cool, very nicely produced KING! lithographs and (again- barring some catastrophe) a good supply of KING! books. The printer we have chosen is first rate, and the books will be full color, squarebound and just plain sweet to hold in your hand and read...

As for the third event- While I can't talk about it this moment, I will have some VERY exciting news to drop on you sometime early in February.

Till then- Try to plan a trip to Phoenix at the end of the month and say hi to us...


Blogger jeremy said...

dude, I totally need to get a copy of King. How much?

8:36 PM  

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