Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Recap of the Dilly-O

Alot has been happening with me in a creative sense, and I wanted to sum up it all for those of you keeping score.

Our self published preview issue of KING! is available now- you can get it from our website here, from the Megazeen sponsored site here or from you comic shop if they are cool. Our site also carries a cool Lithograph, so you might want to check that out as well.

Daniel and I were interviewed about KING! at the Cactus Con for a major Comics web site, and our book is going to be reviewed by several sites- when those all get posted, I'll list them here too.

As I mentioned before, KING! has his own Myspace page, which is becoming quite the hot little piece of hub-bub. There you'll find some pages from the book, cover shots and anything else we can stuff into the thing without making it load like a slug. The big guy loves making friends, so please friend him if you have an account.

KING!'s Comicspace page isn't as impressive, but if you are into Comicspace, go for it.

The rest of the KING! mini series is written, and the art for issue 2 is underway, so we are on a pretty solid schedule in bringing you more adventures with the Man himself. We are exploring publishing options we have, so we don't know yet if that issue will also be self published or if it will be carried by a solid Indy publisher. Either way- you'll hear it hear first.

As for Enlightenment- That is also being worked on as we speak. We still don't have any solid release date, but Daniel and I are shooting for something so that it will be available in San Diego for this years convention. Again, we'll keep you posted.

Other than that- I'm trying to get everything done and still get enough sleep at night, but as one famous person was once quoted, "Sleep is for the dead... unless the dead is the living dead, in which case it's not for them either..."


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