Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rockin' in the Free World

KING! has been striking a cord with people in ways that have taken us by surprise. Those of you who like the book seem to REALLY dig it, and that makes us smile. Pros that have scoped out King's adventures have all seen something to love in the book as well, and that's also a nice feeling. We weren't sure, however, what critics were going to do with our book. KING! is a strong book, in that it has a very emphatic focus- it's as subtile about the kind of book it wants to be as a hammer to the melon. Would reviewers like talking human hearts, zombies, bananna burritos and Elvis all in the same book?

Check out what The Comics Review said about us, or what was written about KING! at Broken Frontier.

I guess we are on to something after all...


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