Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How You Know When You've "Made It"...

I had a discussion once with a friend of mine, and he asked me if I thought I was ever going to be "a success" at writing. That kind of too me back a bit- I started to tell him that I felt I had come a long way as a writer, and that more often than not, I could produce work that sucked less than my stuff used to... He stopped me and said, "No. I think you write fine. I mean- are you ever going to write something that people turn into a toy or something cool like that?"

Well- if that is "success," then Daniel and I are closer than we have ever been.

David J. Oakes, King of the custom Lego, is making
us sets of KING! Lego people! We met David at the Cactus Con in January, and aside from being super tallented, was a really nice guy. He's credited with making the first custom Star Wars Lego people years before Lego themselves got the license, and maybe is responsible for popularizing the idea that Lego people should be more than just yellow faced construction workers. In fact, the people working for Lego know him as "The Infamous David Oakes," because some love his creations while others are horrified he so heavily modifies them.

Once the sets are done, we'll not only post pics of them for all to see, but we are having an extra set made for a contest prize that one lucky KING! fan will win & get to have them all to themselves...

In the meantime- here's a preview of the Zombie of the set.

Groovie, no?


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