Sunday, April 29, 2007

We're All Fans Here...

Doing Indie comics is a weird fraternity; If you are in it because you love doing comics and strive to do your part well, then you find yourself getting excited with other people's work. In the smaller world of DIY Indies, you are more likely to bump into some of those people who you really admire and who's work you love than just being a fan. It's not probable that I'll be hanging out with the Ghost Rider creative team anytime soon, for example, but I've been privliged to get to know dozens of creators who do stuff I love as much as GR...

One of these great people is (Psycho) Ann. Aside from being my sister, she's one of the most tallented artists I've come across. That's not to knock anyone or to revel in nepotism- it's just to say that Ann rocks me outa my socks with her art. Funny thing is, she likes what Daniel and I are doing too. Alot. So she did the piece you see here, just because she's cool like dat.

Check out her stuff here and see more of her new hottness on display.


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