Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"You Spit Out Manna, God Sends Quails"

This weekend, Megazeen will unleash upon the world it's 13th issue; It's not only a milestone for a quaterly publication, it's an issue I take personal satisfaction in because I was guest editor...

When Megazeen started doing theme issues, I talked to Joey (Megazeen's big Kahuna) and mentioned to him that with issue 13 coming up, that doing the theme of Failure would be fitting. Not only is 13 the numerical posterchild for all things Murphy's Law, doing a Indie Anthology comic series is a love affair with all forms of potential disaster- and going on for 13 issues is a committment that has outlasted all of Britney Spears' marriages combined. My idea was jumped upon, and I was given the task of putting the issue together.

While I didn't put any of my own comics in the issue (the piece I did for it remains sadly unfinished... quite fitting, don't you think?) I had a very guiding hand in it. Interacting with the Artists was SO much fun, and I got a chance to work with several of them for the first time. Many of them came to the table not knowing exactly what to do, and it was rewarding to dialogue with them and help to bring out what became an amazing group of stories. It was a long but great experience, and one I'd be glad to do again... maybe in another 13 issues. :-P

The book will be available here in a few days. Pick of a copy if you can.

Oh- and the title of today's post is a line from a song by The 77's, one of the best bands of all time....


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