Sunday, June 10, 2007

Don't Stop Believin'....

Like alot of people, I watched the last Episode of the Sopranos tonight; Without giving anything away to the 3 people who cared what happened who weren't watching the episode live, I can say that it gave me something to think about in my own writing. For a few years now, I've been working on Enlightenment, with an eye toward making it not only a series of stories, but one that works from the beginning to be moving toward a pre-determined end. As much as many viewers might have come away without a sense of satisfaction from the final episode, I think Mr. Chase gave people exactly the ending he'd been planning all along.

I think, if you look at the episode and reflect on what happened in it and what lead up to that point, there is a very clear philosophy that is presented on how the world works. I'd love to spill my view of it here, but I'll hold back on that for now. I will say, however, that I'm going to be alot sneakier from here on out in how I craft my details, because I saw things in that episode that made me realize that if the philosophy that Mr. Chase provided in the Sopranos could be tied up so perfectly in that, then I have a long way to go to present a different view and make it compelling.

As for the Episode's title- I saw at least 3 things that it could refer to; Depending on which one you pick, tells you what happened next...


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