Sunday, August 12, 2007

The End Of The World

There has been alot going on with my creative projects as of late- while I am in some new territory (for me, anyway) it's no big deal when you put it into perspective. Like the common saying goes, "It's not the end of the world..."

I have been thinking about that subject again lately, though. The End of the World. There are so many ways people have viewed that topic in popular culture. Some look at books like John's Revelation and think of political issues. Other people see all the turmoil in our natural world and expect that earthquakes or tidal waves or some asteroid impact will wipe out all life. Some look for supernatural occurances- like in those zombie movies where some out of this world plague makes the dead feed on the living.

Some of that may happen, all of it, or something else entirely.

What I sometimes think about, though, is the end of the world even going to be noticed for what it is? I mean- everyone is looking for a "Big Event," but who's to say we'll even recognize these things if & when the happen. Sure- some huge mass extinction of all life in one day will make the headlines, but what if it's all just a series of smaller things that builds up over time? What if one crazy act leads to another and another and still another... and all that supernatural stuff happens in a way that none of us can see?

Why would I think that was even possible?

The one thing I CAN be sure of is this- if I was a man who read the Bible, I'd know that the one thing which is crystal clear about "The End" is that it will catch people by surprise. Like a thief in the night or something...

Giant explosions and hordes of cannibals roaming the streets isn't a stealthy way to go about things.

So pay attention to the small things. They might point to the beginning of the end after all...


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