Thursday, August 30, 2007

"It's ALL About Me, Baby..."

I have a confession to make- I have been way too self centered lately.

"YOU? How can this POSSIBLY be," you must be asking yourself. I mean- after all, for anyone who spends his time blogging about all the "cool" aspects of his own work to be sef centered... Perish the thought!

Seriously, though, if you have been reading my blog lately, you have been seeing the open soul searching of a guy who has taken a hard look at himself and sees some room for improvement. As I stated a few days ago, I lost a dear friend an co-worker. Like many people, it threw me into a deep sense of pity for myself, which developed into a case of desire to evaluate my life a bit.

What I don't want you to believe, however, is that for one minute I was directing any of my critical eye toward anyone but myself. I can honestly say that I have nothing but respect for anyone I have colaborated with on every level, and I would never question any of their motives or look at their bodies of work as lacking in any way. I have been blessed too much in that I have always been able to work with the best of the people I have known.

If, on the other hand, you find some of your own shortcomings in mine, then maybe you should do what I am trying to do, and look to find a balance between using your talents well and taking time to love those around you.

Just remember- Even King took time out from kicking zombie hiney to munch down the sweet, gooey goodness of a breakfast burrito...


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