Saturday, August 18, 2007

KING!(s) And QUEEN(s)

I have been working on a bunch of different projects lately; So much so, in fact, that I am thinking of instituting a schedule to plan out which days of the week I work on what so that I give everything it's proper due.

One thing I have been working very hard on is tweaking the scripts for the upcoming KING! mini-series. Daniel and I have been in full agreement from day 1 with KING! in wanting every issue to be more over the top than the last. In doing more research for KING!, I started looking at some of the old Flash Gordon newspaper strips; If you haven't actually read any of those, there are collections out there that really do a good job of reproducing them and I would recommend taking a look. Every story arc gets weirder and more crazy... it's just fun reading.

The DVD of the 1980 Flash Gordon movie just came out as well, and I have been also watching that alot. Yes, the acting leaves something to be desired, but the look of the visuals is spot on and the story is structured just like one of the old newspaper strips... And there is music by QUEEN.

QUEEN has always had a place in my heart- whether its a song like the Flash theme (or the funky techno remix) or somebody to love or even a contrived anthem like I want it all, I just never get tired of QUEEN. Maybe it's the distinctive guitar tones or maybe it's the haunting qualities of Freddie Mercury's voice... but I'll listen to everything from Under Presure to Radio GaGa to I want to break free and love it every time. I know that's not very "punk" of me, but it's a vice that I will most likely take to the grave.

Speaking of the grave... I ran across Freddie Mercury yet again in doing some research for Enlightenment. Our second story will deal with the Zorastrian faith, and apparently Freddie was brought up with that religion. When he died, his obituary said he was buried with a traditional Zorastrian ceremony, but I wonder if that's true; The followers of Zoraster would build an ostuary called a "Tower of Silence" and allow the body of the deceased to be eaten by vultures...


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