Saturday, August 11, 2007

On The Chopping Block

Creatively, I'm in a strange place right now; One project I had thought was green-lit by a publisher has been put back into the hands of Paul and I, while another project was given the go for 1 issue ONLY, with subsequent issues totally dependent on how the sales for that issue shake out. Having to take control of a creative project myself and do pitches and schmooze people- that's no big shock or problem for me. Up until now, that's all I've really done anyway so I can handle that. But to have someone only willing to do one issue of a proposed series and weight everything on that? It's a weird feeling.

I guess in a way, we did that with KING! because we self-published a one shot which was issue 1 of a book that was designed to the opening of a mini-series... But that was Daniel and I taking it upon ourselves to do. Here, I'm part of a much larger team, and I would hate for the other guys to be affected by how something I wrote was percieved. If I had the right kind of ego, I guess I would be jazzed to be in the spot to make something happen like that. I'm just not that guy, however- I much rather bet on myself than have other people's bets riding on me.

I guess, sooner or later, everyone in creative projects has his head on a chopping block. It's a funny thing to get used to, but I'll manage.


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