Friday, August 31, 2007

Up From The Depths

Last night, I was the guest on a NYC radio show called The Comic Book Novice on 1240 AM in New York; As I take it, the goal of that show is to bring to light the broad spectrum of what is going on in comics today on both the mainstream and independent levels. It really is a good show- not just because I was on it, but it's run by real fans who actually like the stuff they talk about. Having met the people connected with the show before, I can honestly say they are generally cool people as well. I had a real blast, and I was invited to come on again when I have more news to talk about. Belkis, the newest member of the show, blogged a bit about her experience in reading KING!, which kind of made me happy as well. I am told the interview will be available for download soon, so keep checking here from time to time if you want to hear it yourself...

After the week I had, it was good to have some happy times and focus on the joy of making comics again.

Now if only the Mets can get back to their winning ways, all wil be (W)right with the world.


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