Monday, September 10, 2007

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

One project I have been involved with for the past few months now is about to come together in a big way. Everyone has their contracts and the artist should be plugging along as we speak. I'm really happy with the script on this one- it's probably the most directly collaborative work I've done with another writer to date, and it was a complete joy to write.

The series is called "Mecha-Manga Bible Heroes," and before you walk away and think, "Tom's gone off his rocker... that sounds ridiculous," I assure you what's inside is going to be some good stuff. The basic concept is- take the characters and the plot of some of the best known Old Testement Bible stories and set them in a Sci-Fi world of robots and aliens. Just like some of the recently modernized versions of Shakespear's plays, by taking a solid, meaningful story and translating it's elements as faithfully as possible into a new setting, we hope to bring out some of the more amazing details that might get missed by today's readers. Plus- it's just alot of fun!

I'll spill the beans about the contents of that first issue soon- the cover is being finalized as I write this and I think when you see it, you'll get the big picture right away. Believe me- it's almost done and worth the wait.

But you know what they say about "almost"...


Blogger Kneon Transitt said...

Now, who on earth did you get to draw THAT...?

11:16 AM  

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