Monday, October 01, 2007

Beat On The Brat

I have always loved The Ramones. I know that's not very "punk" of me- they were, after all, basically a hopped up pop band... but there is something in their music that satisfies that sudden urge to break stuff without actually taking a sledge hammer to my TV or something. I don't know if you can identify with that feeling, but listen to this for a while and see if you feel better like I do.

The reason I'm bringing this up is- everyone needs an outlet that keeps you sane. I am kind of blessed, in that I can work out my feelings and issues in my comics. If I have a doubt or a question, or if something just pisses me off, I can let it play out in positive (or sometimes even negative) ways and feel my way though those emotions and ideas. I can see things from many different sides, and try to understand what drives people who live in a different mental or spiritual space from myself... Creativity, I guess you could say, keeps me grounded.

Today's image is from the third chapter of the Enlightenment: the devil you know Graphic Novel. Who, you may ask, is about to pound that creepy dwarf? That's too good to give away; You'll have to read it and find out...


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