Monday, October 15, 2007

Looking For The Exit

I knew a writer once who would always work out the last line of a poem first- even before deciding exactly what the poem was to be about. He had a small book of endings; Some of which, I am sure, he never wrote the poem for. I asked him once about this strange practice, and he told me of his writing philosophy, which was, "Endings are more important than beginnings, because that's where everything is headed..."

As a writer, I am not sure I agree with that singularity of approach. I do, however, believe that how something ends is critical. There is nothing worse than a slapped on, ill conceived ending to an otherwise gripping story. There is also something about a really great ending which can save even a less-than-stellar plot...

Speaking of endings- we are down to the last 7 copies of KING! & if you haven't bothered to pick one up yet, it's pretty much too late. Your favorite store might have one still, as might the CC.Net store, but the last copies still remaining unsold are being packed up and sent out to Arizona for some appearances that Daniel will be doing.

I'll dish the scoop on where & when those appearances will take place soon...

In the meantime- enjoy a cryptic panel from Enlightenment's 2nd chapter and some musical risk taking by the Violent Femmes.


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