Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Arriving At Point A

Lately, it seems that I have been forced to re-think alot of what I already thought I knew quite well; Many aspects of my existence on Planet Earth have been called into question, forcing me to evaluate what is really important and what can be left at a moment's notice to recede into my rear view mirror.

Some parts of life are important in and of themselves- people I love, for example. Or Jesus Christ. Or Godzilla. You know... the important, "Desert Island" stuff.

Other things aren't so much, but I wouldn't give them up without a fight. Like writing. Or my Mets. Or Godzilla. It's not like I COULDN'T live without them, but it makes existence a little more well rounded and real somehow.

Then there are the things that I know shouldn't matter, but somehow do. These are things that I hold onto maybe a little more tightly than I should and maybe I act like they are essential when they are in fact just the happy byproduct of Providence. Like comics. Or rainy Summer days. Or Godzilla.

Right now, I'm not in the place where I have to give any of that up, but I am in the mode of looking at what is really, really needful and what is just along for the ride. 2008, by every advance indication, will be some kind of a cosmic vomit of my creative release dates, so I guess that I am getting myself prepared to manage my time... something that I have dodged like Jet Li in a forest full of Ninjas my whole life.

Or maybe it's all relative to the feeling that, while the past few years have been quite a journey, in some ways it's all just about to begin...

Either way, I think I'll be watching Destroy All Monsters tomorrow night.

Have to keep up with the classics, after all.


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