Saturday, December 15, 2007

"...Paint It Black..."

Providence has handed me a "tough" situation- I am too blessed when it comes to having tallented friends. Everywhere I turn, I meet someone who blows my mind with their creativity and somehow we become friends. I can't stress how much it doesn't suck to know people who make such amazing art- not only is it inspiring, but it means that I get to collaborate with people I genuinely care about. That doesn't mean people will do things for free for me, but it does make it that much easier to work with someone when they are all but looking for a reason to do something together.

One such friend is Jeff Slemons; Not only did he do the stunning cover for Mecha Manga Bible Heroes (which you can see here) but he is doing the cover for the upcoming book Robot 13 that Daniel and I hope to debut at this year's Arizona Cactus Con. If you can read between the cryptic lines above, you'll have a glimmer of how hot this cover is going to be...


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