Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Button, Button... Who's Got The Button?"

If you come to see Daniel and I at the Cactus Comicon in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend, you can pick up some very cool goodies. We may have a few rare copies of KING!, and we will have prints of both KING! and Robot 13, along with our first batch of limited Robot 13 buttons!

As you can see in the hazy photo above, they are (from left to right) our glow-in-the-dark Robot 13 head button, our Black & Red alternate R13 logo button, and our "Skull Gear" logo on gold foil paper!

IF we have any left, we will offer them on our website after the convention, but if you must have them, you gotta get them while they are hot. At a buck a piece, they are a steal....

But please, don't steal from the starving artists. We need to eat, and since burgers at the convention site cost the same as the downpayment for a modest home, we'd appreciate that you buy the ones you like.


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