Friday, February 15, 2008

Graven Images

Whenever I start out doing a new project, my first concern is usually to find some area of it that I am natually drawn and to work from that point outward. I know that many people espouse the idea of "audience" or to focus on commercial asperations or Blah-Blah-Blah... but to me, the thing that keeps me on task is to find that "pearl" within the muck of the story and to bring it out to the point were it's at least noticable to the casual reader.

In saying that, I do realize there is always a strong possibility that other people may or may not like that aspect so much or see things my way. Opinions are like elbows, after all, and they get mushy with too much tomato sauce just the same... or whatever that saying was.

Regardless, because I have a specific focus when I write, and because I tend to move on to new projects somewhat frequently, I am not always connected with all the things that people say about what I do. Usually, when I blog about this or that comment, I found them because someone sends me a gossipy message to tell me something. That's how I found out that, a Christian site, seemed to like the idea of Mecha Manga Bible Heroes, but it's also how I found out that Decently & In Order didn't like it so much and that Bitchspot was even less kind. None of that shocked me, however, because each of those sites pretty much followed suit with the kinds of stands they tend to take on comics in general.

The thing that DID surprise me, however, was that Diamond's Scoop was willing to give somewhat of a spotlight to a book they are also refusing to carry.

Maybe the editor of Scoop didn't get the memo?

Today's image is the original pencil sketch for the MMBH cover, inverted because I liked it that way...


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