Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nobody Does It Better

One of the biggest reasons to adapt the Bible, regardless of what Genre or type of story you shoot for, is that the material is just SO cool. The personalities, the situations, the way each story winds itself around the next... there are just some things that can't be topped.

Regardless of what you may believe about the content or Theologies that are expressed within it's pages, there is just something extremely compelling about the way the writers of the Bible tell their stories, and about the people they write about. These aren't the people you would normally bring to the witness stand either- you've got people who have done all sorts of things that would make them seem "tainted" in a court of law today. Liars, thieves, braggarts, prostitutes... even self confessed murderers have their stories documented in the pages of the Bible. What makes the stories work for us even now, however, is that in every case there is an offer of redemption. Some people accepted that second chance and moved on to bigger and better things, while others let their shortcomings define them...

But it's that promise, that there is a chance to redeem even the darkest situation, that draws us back.

What else is there to say?

Some things are just perfect.

Today's image is the pencil version of a pitch piece for MMBH that was never used...


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