Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Late Night Landfill

In the time that I have been doing this blog, I have been invited to look at all manner of blogs by friends of mine- some good and some bad. One of the best so far has been the annonymous postings of a blog called the Late Night Landfill. Covering the absolute dreck of Z-Minus Grade movies (a "Genre" near and dear to my heart) the Landfill not only attacks the cinamatic "short bus" with a humorous bite, it's a darn good read. Wander on over & check it out... I'll wait.

See what I mean? Where else can you find nods to movies like 1994's Fantastic Four, complete with this *cough-cough* 'awesome" trailer?

In the words of Stan Lee- 'Nuff Said.


Blogger Eric Merced said...

Oh dear, that was horrible. lol

10:15 AM  

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