Friday, March 28, 2008

Work In Progress

I spoke with Daniel the other day & we covered alot of ground.

First of all, Wizard World LA went extremely well. So much so, in fact, that I may have to think about attending it next year. Contacts were made, fans were met and just about everything with a Robot 13 image on it was snapped up...

As for Robot 13- Daniel will be picking up where he left off with the art, and I have added a scene to the first issue which I think will push the mini series into a very interesting direction.

KING! was also talked about, and we should have the scripts revised for the new mini series very soon.

Enlightenment also came up in our conversation, and we are both hoping to be able to announce some news on that front shortly after the NY Comic Con...

All in all, we seem to be juggling all our chainsaws at once right now, but as long as none of them get dropped, it should work out to be a banner year for our projects.

More tomorrow- I need some sleep...


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