Monday, April 21, 2008

Escape From New York

Daniel and I spent the weekend manning a table at the NYC Comic Con. While I will be the first to tell you that it was a satisfying and productive weekend, it also was grueling at times. We missed sleep, ate irregular meals at odd intervals and spoke to more comic fans and pros than we could really have expected. For my part, I wound up being the social one- not having a full book to offer, it took alot more work to sell what little we did have. Because of that, I got into somewhat more lengthy discussions at times than I normally do, and it made the days breeze by.
Daniel, on the other hand, drew sketches until his hand was almost ready to pop off and run away like this... Most of the people who came for sketches wanted either one of our characters, or Hellboy or Batman. A couple of people wanted spiderman, and a few asked for obscure characters like members of Doom Patrol or Pinky & The Brain (I kid you not). One, and only one, asked for Daniel to draw themselves. The young man above asked for a portrait, and Daniel busted out something quite cool indeed. Oddly, we saw him and his friends again a couple of days later and a couple of blocks away from the convention center when we went to eat at Subway. Why our paths crossed again, God only knows, but it put an interesting bookend to an interesting weekend.
While he enjoyed doing sketches, I know he'll be happy to take a break from it and work on our projects.
While I enjoyed talking to everyone, I may become a little anti-social for a while, because dealing with 100,000+ people is exhausting.
More updates tomorrow- I need to catch up on my sleep.


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