Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shot In The Dark

Working a Con is an interesting experience- Everywhere you might look, something odd is going on, and yet being behind a table for most of the day, you really are mostly focused on people who come to you.

I was interviewed a couple of times, saw people dressed as everything from the "Iron Banana" you see above to three quarters naked girls wearing less than just pasties, was offered shots of vodka at 8 AM and met some of the coolest comic Pros that you could imagine... all without walking away from our table.

Being among the Con's working class, we were there every day before the booths opened and found ourselves getting to oogle the action figure displays with no one to bother us, and we got to chat with the other early risers as we set things up for the morning.

It's a very different thing from attending. I want to go to MoCCa, but I wonder if I'll feel out of place without the table...

then again, I'll be able to go to the bathroom when I please.


Blogger Chris Cummings said...

Hi guys! My name is Chris, and me and my boys met you during the final hours of the NYCC on Sunday. It was too late for sketches, but you guys were nice enough to offer the boys a couple of glow in the dark buttons and one of the prints. Do you have any of the sketchbooks left? If so, I'd really like to buy one, and a copy of King if you have any available. Please let me know...

9:16 AM  

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