Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In Living Colour!

There are two types of perfectionists- those who have a vision of where they want to go, and those who are really closet procrastinators.

Those who have a vision of their work, are driven to take what they have to that place in their head. The roadmap to get them there is usually half written in the sweat of hard work and half improvised within the moment, but it's always inspiring to see someone travel that path.

"Perfectionists" of the other sort are really looking to hide their work- either afraid to fail or afraid that success will mean *gasp* hard WORK!

Daniel and I are hammering out our pitch of Robot 13 this week, and we have both been hit with a case of wanting our stuff to be more perfect. Daniel has been hard at work, making sure the first 10 pages or so are colored just right, and I have been wording our proposal carefully so that it conveys everything the way we want it...

After all this time, I doubt that we fear success, and we have both failed enough along the way that we aren't scared by that either...

Do we have vision, then?

Not sure.

If you see Robot 13 on the stands in a big way at some point, then maybe we did...


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