Saturday, May 03, 2008

Look Who's Coming To Dinner

This was the first Free Comic Book Day in years that I wasn't a comic book store guest, and it was nice to have the day off. I saw Iron Man (loved it), ate Chinese food, read Atomic Robo and worked on a pitch for Robot 13 while I caught up on Juno, the latest delivery from Netflix. All in all, it was a productive day. With so much going on lately, it was good to take a step back and recharge my brain a bit...

In the coming weeks, we should have some news about the status of KING! and Robot 13. There has been interest all along in the books, but it's important for Daniel and I to feel we will be with the publisher that gives us the best shot to get our books into as many hands as we can.

While we can't talk yet about all the stuff buzzing around, one thing I can confirm is the status of Enlightenment. After talking with Harry Markos, we all agreed that everyone wants to see the book happen with Markosia. It seems to be a good fit all around, and Harry has been one of our biggest supporters for the past few years, so we would like to have The Devil You Know come out with them...


Blogger Mark said...

Awsome! Been waiting for more Enlightemnet!

1:35 AM  

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