Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Color Me Impressed

A while back, I meantioned that Daniel had colored the first half of Robot 13, and that it looked darn spiffy.

Well... almost as soon as that blog hit the web, I got an email from Daniel saying he found a better way to color it and he was doing all the pages again.

Over the years of working together, Daniel and I have come to a basic understanding- if one of us is so excited about a new idea that they feel the need to scrap some of the work we've done to persue it, then it usually means one thing. "Things are about to take an amazing turn..."

Daniel didn't dissapoint- in fact, the pages look more amazing than I had hoped, and my hopes for Robot 13 are pretty high.

Can't wait to see the whole book together. It's going to blow you away.


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