Thursday, June 26, 2008

Off to War

It's interesting how popular opinion colors our experience. In the early 40's, there was no mistaking that America was at war; We changed our habits, rationed our supplies and had a very real sense that there was a greater battle going on in a place far, far away that all Americans were a part of.

Today, the very idea that we are again in wartime is an alien thought to most people.

And yet- here we are.

I recently began working with my co-writing partner on the next installment of Mecha Manga Bible Heroes. It's been alot of fun looking at this next issue, and we are injecting more humor into the book... mostly because there are more natural places where Humor can flow out of the original Biblical text. It IS a dark humor, however, because as David's life moved forward from his great victory against Goliath, things were never as uncomplicated or as joyous again.

Issue 1 is our "New Hope" in that sense, and now we are moving toward "The Empire Strikes Back."

And no- there will be no "jub-jub" song in issue 3.



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