Thursday, July 03, 2008

Come As You Are

I told you a while back that I had gotten 2 pairs of coveted Kicks; The Red&Black skull converse that I got in NYC on clearance, and this pair. They are based on the notebook doodlings and scrawled lyrical bits of Curt Cobain. While I don't follow alot of people from my generation who worship Curt, I do like alot of his songs and the way he threw himself into his creative muse.

The other thing I am finding more and move groovin about Kurt as time goes by, is that he was really and truly about speaking something rather than fame. I can go all yadda-yadda at this point about how maybe he was too much Daniel Johnston and that he couldn't take it and blah-ze-blah...
But the bottom line is- I find it inspiring regardless that a lonely kid took all his random ideas and scribblings and bibblings and used them to conquer the world.
I guess, to me, it says if you play your cards right you don't need anything but substance to make an impact...
So, that's why I wear his shoes.
That, and I have caps that match...


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