Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Radio Somewhere

I have always had a thing for radio; I don't know exactly why or how it started, but there has always been part of me that loved the medium. When I was a kid, the only radio we were allowed to listen to was a local station- the kind of radio station that was a throwback even in those days, where most of the music was wildly out of date, and they played both sides of a single because they just didn't have anything to fill airtime...

When I was in college, I was a DJ on the radio station there- I wound up doing a little over 200 broadcasts there, and had alot of fun in the process... as well as building up a pretty nice collection of music...

Why am I bringing this up?

Tomorrow, Paul Castiglia will be on Crusader Radio talking about Mecha Manga Bible Heroes at Noon Eastern time on The Wiley Drake Show. Go to the site here, click on the "on air" link & check it out...


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